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My name is Sue Wolinski and I have been a Green Valley Arizona resident for 19 years. I have worked in this community in several different positions and companies and have come to know this area and the people very well.

From day one when my family moved here we began rescuing animals, in a weird way they found us and had that sense that we could help them. Throughout the years we have trapped and rescued hundreds of animals from cats, dogs, and lizards. We will just about help any animal in need.

We have worked with The Animal League of Green Valley, Paws Patrol, Santa Cruz Humane Society just to name a few. Partnering with these rescues helped us a great deal to find these animals suitable homes after we got them on their feet. We also have donated a great deal to each of non profits, anything we could do to help the cause.

Now after all this time my family and I are trying to set up our own nonprofit animal rescue to help this community that is overwhelmed with animals in need.

We are  fundraising to secure a property in Green Valley Arizona to give these babies a loving place to stay ,medical care and nutritional needs to be healthy. Love and socialization to gain back the trust they need to regain a loving family and a forever home. The 24/7  time and care which we will provide  is crucial for some of these animals to survive.

We need your help with your donations to start our journey soon and make this happen so our community will not be so overwhelmed and some may not get the chance to experience the joy of having unconditional love.

This property site also has the room to grow and to develop projects like a Feral Sanctuary and possible boarding for animals which is far and few in our community and a need. All of us together are working for the same mission and that's to give these animals a chance for a great life.

So please help me and my family make this a reality and donate to a wonderful cause.

Thank You for your Support!

Email: saveallyourlovear@gmail.comTel:  520-399-8831


Donations can also be sent to:

Save All Your Love Animal Rescue

P.O. Box 1186

Green Valley, AZ 85614

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